BLC // "Beyond Good & Evil"

We have just picked up a new menswear brand: BLC (pronounced Black) for you guys. BLC brings about a new twist to the modern man, emphasizing the extreme contrasts between light and darkness. Meshing the two together, BLC gives a simple yet refreshing look; staples that belong in any man's closet.

As they like to put it:
The modern individual does not blindly accept dictatorial fashion labels. He invents his own iconic self. The modern individual both embraces and wars against his nature as hero and villain. He accepts that without darkness there can be no light. Without white there can be no black. BLC (pronounced BLACK) sits somewhere in the voice of the Nietzsche penned, “Beyond Good and Evil”. It draws from a wide spectrum of urban, pop culture, skate, Parisian streetwear and cinema. BLC is subtle.  It is not workwear, retro or bright.  BLC is style without overt branding.  It is identity without dogma.HI_lo cut wovens and 'California jackets' This is BLC’s inaugural season.     

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