Control Sector

Fresh off the runway from LA Fashion Week as well as making their debut at NY Fashion Week, Control Sector marks its territory among emerging contemporary men's designers. Control Sector, launched in June 2013, by brothers Luke Deenihan and Adam Thomison, and partner Maxwell Amadeus. The three attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and teamed up to create a lifestyle brand that combines an aggressive mix of influences. The brand is set to appear in stores across North America this spring, including Lobby. As they like to put it:
Control Sector is forward thinking street apparel. Our clothes are built to defy conventions yet remain wearable.
This street wear line focuses on re-inventing styles of traditional and non traditional menswear. Working with a basic and modern color palette, their pieces clearly define the perfect combination between high end and street wear. However, their main focus is making their merchandise easily wearable by anyone, anywhere, while taking street wear to the next level.

Check out their appearance at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week below: 

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