Dax Gallery: Absence of Color

In the heart of Costa Mesa, DAX Gallery draws inspiration from youthful modern street design. Owner, Alex Amador himself has worked in the clothing manufacturing business for years with a focus on the graphic design elements behind surf skate brands. Moving towards a new direction, Alex attempts to inspire people with what he calls, "contemporary street art". While street art has always has its place within the urban culture, DAX Gallery strives to get the entire community involved and to experience art in a new way.

On April 26th, 2014, Alex brought a twist into the display of street art with the use of fashion in the event called Absence of Color. Bringing back the classic black and white aesthetic, the displayed artwork defined a modernistic street design. On display were urban contemporary brands such as Stussy, Cleobella, Sabre, Redux Ritual, Noe Undergarments, and much more....including Lobby. Exploring new dimensions within street wear culture, this event made it a great way to get the audience and community to further understand and learn about this uprising scene and influences it has within our youth today.

Below is Lobby's look presented at the event, featuring Drifter tank and hoodie with Control Sector shorts.

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