In 2009 while playing football at the University of Southern California, UNCL founder Ahmed Mokhtar and his teammates found themselves living in unattractive sweats and t-shirts; unoriginal sets of options. It then struck Mokhtar that comfort was the single most sought after quality in every man’s wardrobe regardless of style. So Mokhtar set out to create a line of the most comfortable threads with style and a great fit-- a line that represents the relaxed lifestyle of today’s men. And thus, UNCL was born.

What started as a personal project quickly became the talk of USC, as well as a staple in many pro football locker rooms. Today, UNCL is one of the most unique men’s brands on the market committed to providing it’s customers with the highest quality comfort wear to fit all of their leisurely activities. UNCL bridges the gap between athletic wear, daytime apparel, and your nighttime digs. Developed and manufactured in Los Angeles, UNCL offers a full range of items including shorts, pants, t-shirts and hoodies. Our buyers have selected some of the most popular items of these categories, both in search of appealing appearance and most importantly representing Lobby's aesthetic. 

Watch the video below to see what UNCL has to offer

[vimeo 55912916 w=500 h=281]


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