S K I N G R A F T Spring 14'

Since debuting their Spring/Summer 2014 line at New York Fashion Week, we are stoked to finally have these new SKINGRAFT in our hands. This brand has never been shy in making dark & bolder moves when it comes to simple garment shapes, structure, design, and detail. This line takes note on structures of modernistic athletic sportswear and fusing it with Southeast Asian tribal body paint designs. Reinterpreting the layered heavy sportswear trend, the brand creates exoskeletons for several pieces developing an armor for the urban man. Throughout the collection, a dark vibe is enhanced or deepened through the leather finishes, mesh fabric, and a deep monochromatic color palette. Taken from Style Wylde Magazine, Jonny Cota, designer of SKINGRAFT, explains a crucial part of his design process, "I spend about 6 months a year working at my design studio in Bali. I have a close personal relationship with many of my craftsmen which helps us brainstorm together and push the aesthetic and craftsmanship past what we think is possible. We grant ourselves the time to experiment together.  Bali is a beautiful place and a quiet place that allows me to tune out the noise of NYC and LA and focus on the next collection".

Take a look at their debut at New York Fashion Week:


One thought on “S K I N G R A F T Spring 14'

  1. avatar Brian Fenerty says:

    Great collection. I like the first one most. But all of them are simply amazing. Such style! Thanks for sharing.

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