The Squad Co.

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The Squad: unembellished and effortless for the seen and unseen
The Squad Co garments are conceptualized and crafted in Los Angeles, California. Stringing from the vast individuals in this dimensional place we call America, The Squad is inspired by its travels and stories from each person in each city. These essential knitwear pieces are drawn from their experiences and the ability to wander and explore. Their Fall/Winter 2014 collection is based off of a soft, cold, and pure color pallet of whites, grays, beiges, and black. Exemplifying each color, they rely heavily on layering to create a smooth yet texturized effect within one outfit. These layers have an oversized silhouette, but are also tapered to fit the body; the wanderer, allowing them to travel their distances in comfort. These garments may be simple, but are created with experimentation in mind of fabrication. Select items are now available for purchase at Lobby. Stop by the store to check out these rad items; wardrobe staples that are a must have.

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