Weapons For Functionality

If you're looking for something super rad that also stands for a good cause, Love Grenades are the way to go. These ceramic coin banks were created under the idea that everyone can do their share to promote world peace, (no matter how small).  Part of the proceeds are donated to A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), and once the grenade is full, you have the option of donating it to those is need.  They come in black and white and are the perfect gift for someone else (or yourself!).

Words are often more powerful than violence- that's the concept behind these spiral-bound Armed Notebooks, which although they feature a weapon on the cover, they're actually meant to hold sketches, notes, and other innovative ideas that need to be captured on paper.  Each weapon notebook has a slightly different interior, and they come in a perfectly portable size so that they can be around whenever creativity hits. Exercise your right to peaceful power and pick your weapon of choice- they come with a gun, knife, or grenade on the cover.

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