Whats WILDFOX about anyway?

'She is a NATIVE HEART, She is a NEON LIGHT, She is a LOVE CHILD, She is a WILDFOX'

This embodies the ideology of Wildfox.

It prides itself on the use of vintage cottons to effectively capture the whimsical appeal of older thoughts. From laid-back collegiate lookbooks to western cowboy apparel, most recently recapturing popular 90's flick "Clueless", the women behind the line choose relative vintage themes. 

Recently, Wildfox has broadened its horizons by creating sister lines to its infamous brand. From Wildfox White Label to Wildfox Kids, these leading ladies have thought of every base to cover. Expanding to sunglasses and footwear, the duo have formulated collaborations with mega brands to get the Wildfox name out there. What makes the couture line so interesting is that the Wildfox lookbooks focus on fantasy and imagination, which captivate consumers and entice them enough to bring them back wanting more.

Check out WILDFOX's most recent line at LOBBY today!

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