What's Your Vice?

Admit it- we all have a vice (or two, or three....). Jewelry line Cast of Vices plays off this notion beautifully, embracing some of the more hedonistic things in life. As they put it, the line was "born from a desire to make artifacts out of our vices... casting a critical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medicating and addiction." Well... we dig it! Some of our favorites include the "endtimes" necklace, which features a sterling silver Marlboro cigarette hung on a silver loose-rope chain. We also love the "fast friends" necklace, which playfully suggests a nice little place to store your... er... powder of choice? If you're looking for a statement piece without the drug reference, there is still something for you. Cast of Vices has also created silver and gold plated concert bracelets, which can also be purchased in baby-soft lambskin. With five colors to choose from, there's most certainly something for everyone! Be sure to stop into Lobby to grab your own "vice"!

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