Must-Have Cozy Coats and Jackets to Keep You Warm

Must-Have Cozy Coats and Jackets to Keep You Warm

With cold weather bearing down upon us, our fashion thoughts turn to sweaters, wraps, jackets, and coats. "Cozy" and "warm" are the fashion-function words of the winter season and Lobby has got you there, with trendy winter jackets.

Lobby clothing has you covered from head to toe in all the affordable, stylish, and fun winter clothing you can handle.

You can brave the dropping temperatures outside in style with these winter jackets that are sure to keep the cold out where it belongs. 

At Lobby clothing, we live to give you the best trends of each season at wallet-friendly prices. Visit our website today for our full winter collection. Read on and link to these on-point jackets for purchase.

The Mimi Cape Coat

woman modeling Mimi Cape Coat from Lobby Clothing

Sometimes it's a challenge to find winter pieces that give warmth without bulk. Look no further than the Mimi Cape Coat for a toasty and tasty bit of winter fashion. This cape provides shape and flow to a great winter look while keeping the weather off your shoulders.

Try pairing this trench with a colorful pashmina for a pop of color and your personal flare. The open neck gives added visibility to your favorite accessories, and the cape "sleeves" allow maximum freedom of movement as you breeze through chilly afternoons.

This coat is an excellent topper for a sculpted or skinny set of jeans or leggings and a structured blouse with a tall pair of boots.

Purchase the Mimi Cape Coat here.

The Winter Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat

woman modeling a white winter teddy bear coat from lobby

When only the fluffiest, softest "fur" will do, you'll love our Winter Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat. With a floppy collar and chunky statement buttons, you'll be swimming in warmth and luxury when you throw on this casual and fun jacket.

The Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat features a more extended cut to your hips. It's like wearing your favorite blanket, only with way more style. Throw on this coat after a yoga class or over jeans for a brisk stroll through the park. 

Pair with your favorite snuggly hat, mitts, and soft muffler to complete a look that says you're ready for winter fun. 

Purchase the Winter Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat here.

The Wendy Flight Coat Windbreaker

Add a little fly-girl flare to your cold-weather wardrobe with the Wendy Flight Coat Windbreaker. We hardly have room to mention all the details on this stylish wrap.

We love the fold-down collar, which gives you an edgy touch out in the elements. The asymmetrical hem adds interest, and the zippered sleeves and strategically placed snaps give you more to show off.

The short length of this coat makes it easy to create a statement over your favorite jeans or to add a kick of power and play to your favorite work slacks. You may be all business at work, but this coat smacks of the adventures you'll seek out after punching the clock.

Purchase the Wendy Flight Coat Windbreaker here.

The Janessa Boho Faux Fur Sweatshirt Fleece Jacket

the Janessa Boho Jacket from Lobby

Here is a coat for literally everything. Throw it on for errands. Grab it and go for coffee with friends. Take it on the trails, sport it at school, or slide into the Janessa Boho to take the kids for a quick playdate at the park.

The versatile faux fur hood adds warmth when you need it, and flips back when you don't. The multicolored print and long length pair functionally with every pant, legging, or jean. Add your favorite pair of boots, and you're ready for anything.

The Janessa Boho is roomy, so you can layer it up on those super cold January days, or go a bit lighter underneath when the sun is shining. Whatever way you dress it up or down, the Janessa Boho goes with you anywhere!

Purchase the Janessa Boho Faux Fur Sweatshirt Fleece Jacket here.

The Teressa Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

a pink teressa moto jacket from lobby

Every woman needs a little badassery in her wardrobe. Let your inner motorcycle chick come out and play with the Teressa Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket. 

No bike required for this sassy and structured coat. The fold-down collar, zipper detail, multi-pocket styling, and waist belt create a look that says, "I'm ready for fun, but don't mess with me."

This jacket wears just as well indoors and outside-- it's a statement piece that speaks volumes of your take-no-prisoners confidence. The Teressa comes in several bold colors to fit your mood and 'tude no matter what you're doing.

Wear it over jeans, or for more dramatic contrast, pair it with a set of high-waist trousers for a unique juxtaposition. Chunky earrings and bold lipstick complete a look to be remembered. 

Purchase the Teressa Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket here.

Keep Warm with Lobby Clothing

At Lobby clothing, we keep you kitted out from head to toe in the hottest and trendiest looks at a price you can afford. Season by season, we make it easy to look and feel your best both inside and out!

Visit our website today for a closer look at all our collections and adorable winter jackets. Release your inner fashionista in style with Lobby clothing.