Everyone want's their "Vacation" to have an "Encore.."

For those of you who feel like you're on a never ending hunt to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, fret no more. We've found a solution. Sabre, one of the most innovative sunglass lines in the market, has come out with two new styles that are worth throwing your old pair of shades away over. Hearing the word Vacation makes us think of sun, sand, and parties on the beach. And that's just what this new style from Sabre signifies. With a sleek frame, custom metal lens rims, and all-over retro style, these are an essential for the upcoming summer season. If you missed the Encore a few years back, you now get the chance once again to snag these bad boys. Their smaller frames are a fresh of breath air from the oversized sunglasses that were once so popular, and they even come with an added bonus- they come in multiple 60's inspired colors. Both pairs of Sabres offer 100% UV protection, so you can shelter your peepers while you party in the sun.

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