Kontraho Jewelry- "Everything is Inspiration and Everything is Art."

Kristi Karner is the mastermind behind Kontraho, a line of jewelry inspired by her nomadic lifestyle. The name "Kontraho" comes from the Latin word which means to gather, collect, or assemble. This is how Karner began making necklaces. While she would travel or hike, she would pick up pieces she liked and use them to make her own unique creations.

Karner's jewelry reflect her preference of layering and messy, dangling pieces. She considers that maybe she wears too much, but with jewelry from Kontraho, we're not too sure it's possible to ever have too much on. The next line coming out from Kontraho is going to have a medieval influence. Karner's inspirations for this stem from her unstructured, cosmic life. As she says, "everything is inspiration and everything is art."

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