Inside the mind of a Raptor...

In a sea full of jewelry brands, it's sometimes difficult to find something unique that's also wearable everyday of the week. Enter Raptor Jewelry, a line created by designer Ashlee Hatcher. Her creative background and motivation to do what she's passionate about has come through in each of her pieces. We caught up with Ashlee and got the scoop on Raptor- read on!
Q. What's the story behind the name, 'Raptor'? How did you get the idea? A.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to name my company somthing that represented strength and fearlessness. I was playing around with different names but they all felt cheesy...then one day I was sitting at my kitchen table and it popped in my head. I sat there saying Raptor aloud in just about every pitch imaginable.....and then I decided Ya, this fits!
Q.  What inspired you to begin making jewelry?
A.  As a teenager I spent about 75% of my allowance on earrings. This led me to experiment with making my own. I still have some of the earrings from back then. They look like I made them with my feet they're so ridiculous but every person who creates has to start somewhere. I never took a class and actually used finger nail clippers back in high school but without trial and error you learn nothing. I'm so glad I tried.
Q.  We've heard that you've got some celebrity clientele under your belt. Can you give us some details? A.  I have met a great stylist in LA that has helped me gain amazing fans such as Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, and Mary Steenburgen. Recently Hannah Simone from Fox's show New Girl wore them on the Red Carpet and was spotted wearing them on X Factor as well!
I recently participated in the Golden Globes gifting suite and was invited to do the Academy Awards as well. I met so many amazing people and gifted approximately 200 earrings to stars from Entourage, MTV's Awkward, Dirty Soap, Greys Anatomy and many more. There were tons of promises to wear my earrings on the shows, but we've gotta wait and see. Keep your eyes peeled for Raptor!
Q.  What's your creative background? How did this help to create Raptor? A.  I always knew I would be in the fashion industry in some way shape or form so I started by going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I then went on to study photography at UCSB. My love for creativity never left me and then when the rent check called I decided to do what I do best....create! So here I am a proud business owner, full of gratitude for all the blessings that have come my way. I encourage everyone to follow there passions in life but most importantly.... don't let me catch you with naked ears :)

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