SPRING 2012 Fashion Trends to LOOK for at Lobby

Just in time for the changing seasons, the latest prints and silhouettes are about to hit the racks at Lobby. These incoming styles reflect the new trends hitting the runways for Spring- from feminine florals to swanky lace gowns- all of which can be found in our store in the upcoming weeks. Fill your need for these fashion must-haves and put your best foot forward for the new year by incorporating some of these trends into your Spring wardrobe.

::: PEPLUMS :::

Peplums have been on the style radar for the past few months, and they’ll continue to turn heads well into Spring. Whether it’s on a skirt or a dress, peplums add a classy touch to any outfit. Pair with a heel and minimal accessories for a balanced look.


In sync with the timing of mother nature, power florals are making their way onto the runway just in time for Spring. Don’t be intimidated by these neon hues- pick one piece with florals on it, and pair it with white.

::: Track Trousers :::

By themselves, track trousers have a casual feel, but when paired with a structured shoulder, they create the perfect balance for an outfit. Try a fitted blazer or a collared button-up to master this look. These fashion-forward pants have a sporty feel and look great with heels or flats.

::: Hot Pants :::

Hot pants can be tricky to pull off, but when done right, they can make an entire outfit stand out. These shorts will elongate the legs and create the silhouette of a slim waist when paired with a belt or wrap.

::: Gatsby :::

The Gatsby dropped waist brings back the style of the 1920s, with the flapper style of soft, straight silhouettes. Embellishments like sequins and beading add a whimsical element to the outfit. The dropped waist goes great with flats or sandals, and can be worn day or night.

::: Lace Gowns :::

For your nights out on the town, go with a lace gown. These sheer dresses are beautiful, classy, and just subtle enough when done in a nude color. Adding a metallic accessory- whether it’s the heels, necklace, or belt- will compliment the gown perfectly.

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